Legacy Lifestyle Course

Helping entrepreneurs to live the legacy lifestyle.


Created by Oksana The Legacy Coach

Oksana created this course to help entrepreneurs live the "legacy lifestyle." It's a lifestyle that empowers them to live their dreams unapologetically. This course was specifically designed to educate, equip, and empower aspiring and current business owners to walk in purpose. 

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Our Course Structure

Forget everything you know about school. This is not a classroom. Unlike a classroom setting, this extensive course is designed and customized to the client's personal goals and experiences. The program is divided into three pillars which are outlined below. Each pillar consists of three modules that will help the client to excel both personally and professionally.

The structured length of the program is 9 months, however, it is self paced. There are also workbooks to assist with the customization and application of the material. Upon completion, each client will receive a certificate of completion, exclusive offers for mastermind events and lifetime access to the LLC community. 

In this webinar we will cover

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